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fanfics and random thoughts

welcome to my slightly deluded mind!!

9 December 1985
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Okay writing something. I've been pretty addicted to fanfics for about a month. My friends would say i'm a pretty cool for being a complete anime nerd and that i spend way to much time on this site. But i love it so they can all bite me. I'm an artist, definitely not a writer though. I appreciate feedback and especially any writing tips you might want to pass along. Like I said i'm not much of a writer. I joined the site because i'm waiting for more naruto episodes to be up. I'm one of those people who have to know how a story ends so now not only am I waiting for the series to continue i'm hooked on a couple of stories that i'm waiting for more posts on. *sigh* Okay that's enough for now. Hope you like my work!